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MP3 Downloads included: 1. Turn your Breech baby 2. Fear Release 3. Breathing for contractions
Turn Breech Baby - MP3 package includes 3 audio download hypnobirthing sessions  
1. Turn Your Breech Baby MP3 audio download hypnobirthing session Use this effective self hypnosis mp3 to turn your breech baby and avoid an ECV (External Cephalic Version) or cesarian if at all possible.   It will give you the opportunity to let go of any anxiety and tune into your baby.   This self hypnosis mp3 includes embedded hypnotic suggestions for your breech baby to turn naturally. The deep relaxation will encourage your muscles to release tensions, giving your baby the space s/he needs to turn.   Scientific research shows that breech babies turn most easily with hypnosis, sometimes combined with moxibustion (acupuncture). Relaxation and visualisation learned in HypnoBirthing, Lamaze, yoga, pilates and other antenatal classes will also help your baby to turn.   Your baby will instinctively know how it needs to be positioned for birth and you can optimise its chances of moving into this position by using this easy listening music and voice recording. Despite still being in the womb, a baby will respond to spoken suggestions very well.   Some midwives will delivery a breech baby in hospital, so it is worth asking your midwife whether she or an obstetrician are prepared to do this. To help turn breech babies, this audio download should be listened to 3 times a week, more often if possible, from 34 weeks. It is best combined with a Stress Release recording - either On a Lake or Flying High. If you feel more fearful then the Fear Release is very effective. To complete the set please download Wellbeing, a great track to feel good, whether pregnant and or not ... everyone can benefit from this one. Rest assured, 94% of babies turn into the correct position for birth before their edd (estimated due date).   Download Breech now to help your baby turn.     Track Length: 18.11 minutes Language: English, female Music: Phil Curran - Mews Productions
2. Fear Release MP3 audio download hypnobirthing session Research has shown that fear can prolong birth and make it more difficult. It is vital that mothers relax as much as possible in order to make birth easier.  This recording has been especially created for women who are anxious about birth and those mothers whose previous experience of birth has been negative. It is a wonderful way of releasing any fears, anxieties and worries you may have about giving birth or being a parent. Allow yourself to be gently guided through a visualisation giving you the opportunity to eliminate all those thoughts and memories you just don’t need. Track Length: 12.08 minutes Language: English, female Music: Phil Curran, Mews Productions
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3. Breathing for contractions MP3 audio download hypnobirthing session Regular deep breathing will allow you to:  - feel in control - manage your contractions more effectively - focus inwardly on your body and your baby - provide more oxygen to your birthing muscles and your baby - shut out external thoughts and distractions - take you into a relaxed state of mind This recording will guide you through 2 effective breathing techniques to use for relaxation and during your contractions. Download Breathing now to get into the rhythm of birth….   Track Length: 10.19 minutes Language: English, female Music: Phil Curran - Mews Productions
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